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The Ultimate Guide to Cancun for Couples

It is proven that traveling with your couple is the best way to keep alive that spark that keep you wanna stay together forever, been able to enjoy something new and explore the world with the person you love the most is one of the most amazing things!

So I see you are thinking about Cancun Beach. Let me tell you is a great choice. Cancun is recognized for being one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico. Few places in the world offer such exciting and accessible diversity for romantic couples: honeymoon resorts, cristaline beaches, breathtaking mayan ruins, dance until 4 am, snorkel, golf, parasailing and much more. Remember that always it is important to come prepared before time, so after a lot of research on this topic I did the Ultimate Guide to Cancun for Couples:


le-blanc-spaaaaThis is ranked as the top resort for couples and #1 All Inclusive Resort in Mexico only for adults. Located 20 minutes from Cancun Airport. It is fulled with nice restaurants & bars, private beaches, big pools, fabulous spas, gym and other activities. Most couples choose this resort for its relaxing atmosphere and royal attendance to their guests.


xelhaThere are a lot of tours in Cancun that you can enjoy: aquatic parks, visit the Wonder of Chichen Itza, snorkel in the reef, scuba dive, ride in the pirate cruise, go to a cenote and lots of more tours you can do. I recommend to take the tour of Xel-ha, is the best aquatic park in the Mayan Riviera (30 minutes away from Cancun) and perfect for couples. You can snorkel with the tropical fish, eat in one of the many buffets, explore the caves, cliff climb, zipline, swing on a rope, bike tours and other more activities.Chichen-Itza-Day-and-NightThere is also Chichén Itza if you want to meet one of the 7 World Wonders and receive the good energy from the Gods. Chichen Itza, located 4 hours from Cancun, is the most famous archaeological Mayan ruins. You can visit Chichen Itza in the morning until the afternoon where the pyramids come alive with Chichen Itza Light & Sound. Some tours include food, tickets and transportation. Click here to see all tours of Chichen Itzá.

golf 1

Moon Spa & Golf Club Green Fee

Another great getaway activity for couples is Golf, Cancun has beautiful and big golf camps in which you can play. Drag your mouse a little to see some Golf Camp pictures of Cancun.

golf moonlight

Moon Spa & Golf Club Twilight

golf poktkapok

Cancun Golf Club at Pok Ta Pok Green Fee



This Island is located 30 minutes from Cancun in the Ferry (a yellow Ship). There is no other way to get there at least that you and your partner want to cross the ocean swimming! A lot of people do it in triathlons and swimming competitions. To take the Ferry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres you have to go to Puerto Juarez or Playa Tortugas, in any of this ports you can leave to Isla Mujeres. I recommend you to buy the tickets with anticipacion, you can click here to check the prices and tours in Isla Mujeres.



There are many bars and discos depending on your mood. The Nightlife Zone (located 10 minutes from Le Blanc Hotel in the Hotel Zone of Cancun) works all day to offer the best nights to travelers. I recommend if you are looking for a relaxing but fun bar to go to Chuchito Perez, this bar is located in Plaza Forum at the terrace, you can see all nightlife of Cancun from that bar. If you want to go to a disco, go to Mandala or Vaquita, those are great for the music and fun atmosphere! Click here to see Nightlife Packages in Cancun.

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List of things you should never forget before traveling

Before travelling, you must have everything ready for your departure, I recommend making a complete list of things to not forget anything. Writing everything down helps you a lot even if you think you have everything in your mind. One funny and really bad thing that happened to me was the day I was already at the airport and realize my bags where in my house. I was so distracted and didn’t remember to put them on the car!

That’s how I learned by time this important list of things you should never forget before travelling:

1. Your luggage

  • luggageA few days before traveling you must have ready your luggage without forgetting any detail. For example my most important things in my bag have to be 3 outfits at least, makeup, toothbrush, shampoo, and other stuff.
  • Aircraft normally let you bring two bags of 10 pounds each. If you have a long journey of more than 10 hours I recommend you bring as less as possible on hands to travel more comfortably.
  • If you want to protect your bags that go under the plane, put a lock on each one in case someone tries to open them. Never forget your key….

2. Enlist your travel documents

travel-documents-12555fDo not forget your travel ticket, passport, ID, medical and travel insurance card (if applicable), money, home address and important phone numbers (in case of lost luggage or emergencies). The best is all locate it in a folder so you have everything in one place.

3. Your Pet

Pet-PassportIf you know about any safe place as a hotel for dogs, it’s a good place to keep your dog safe and happy for a couple days, but a friend or family will be always better. Instead, if you are one of those who love taking your pet everywhere in the following article I’ll show you some tips for traveling with your pet.

5. Say goodbye to your loved ones


Even if you just leave for a few days it is important to say goodbye before your trip.

6. Transport to the airport


If you are traveling on a domestic flight, you must be two hours before the departure, but an international flights asks you to be 3 hours before to check in. There are several types of transportation to take you to the airport. If you want to take your family to the airport I recommend you to reserve a Van for 6 people, they are cheap if you divide the cost and also you can take all of your bags in the trunk. Don’t forget to remind the driver at what time your flight departs so you get on time at the airport.

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