This is why people in Mexico like eating tacos at 2 am

Most Mexicans love tacos. Why? It is the most typical dish of mexico and like us, immigrants come from far away to try some delicious tacos. But if you ever travel to Mexico, you’ll realize that at night, many restaurants in any city, including McDonalds, Burger King, buffets, supermarkets, etc will be closed until 11 pm max. LESS TACOS. There is no place in Mexico that does not have a branch of exquisite Mexican tacos to enjoy a delicious dinner at the early morning.

I’ll give you some reasons why people in Mexico like eating tacos at 2 am:

1. For those after party moments that hunger begins to invade our senses, tacos are essential


Although they are high in fat, will help to bring down the cups over, or the good tequila!

2. They are cheaptacos 3

Mexico’s leading producer is corn. Tacos, made of tortilla, meat and avocado with tomato, accommodates an economic budget; you can ask an order of 4 tacos for 3 dollars depending on where you go. Some are cheaper than others.

3. There is a high variety of recipes you can try with tacostacos 5

Fajitas, Al Pastor, Gringas, de Canasta, Guisado, Birria, Tostadas, Quesadillas, etc. I always will choose Al Pastor, comes with pineapple and with my favorite Mexican drink ”horchata”! Yum

4. Mexican people like to eat 24 hours a dayTACOS

When I´m with my friends or family, it comes to us a strange appetite for wanting to eat tacos at night. Whether you’re on a diet that is almost killing you counting calories, doesn’t matter, when someone says to go for some tacos, everyone accepts without thinking! It’s like an epidemic of appetite!

5. You meet with famous peopleobama-eating1

You think that the president does not like tacos? Your favorite actor? Our your favorite player? definitely! tacos are our culture and part of us!

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  • I love tacos, gringas, quesadillas, cebollitas con limón y sal. Tacos here in Cancún, México is a must when you are traveling, thanks for share this great article Johanna Lee

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