Legends of Ecuador.

Cantuña’s Legend.

Iglesia Cantuna

Cantuña has a very famous legend in Quito, capital of Ecuador, he was a very famous Indian in colonial times because he was a direct descendant of the great warrior Rumiñahui.

This Indian, called Cantuña, had much power over other Indians in the region.

Taking advantage of this, he promised to build a beautiful and large atrium to the Church of San Francisco, but his commitment to the church was doing in six months, otherwise he will not charge anything.

The work was not easy. When the delivery time of the work was nearing completion, Cantuña was desperate, and offered to provide whatever who help him to end the atrium, which was just started.

This offering reached the ears of the devil, taking advantage of the situation and introduced himself and offered to end the court that night, as long as Cantuña give his soul as payment. Cantuña accepted, and thousands of little devils began working as darkness fell on the city.

Cantuña suddenly realized how fast they worked and that his soul would be bound to suffer punishment for all eternity, so he decided to challenge the devil. Cantuña went to a corner and took a stone, it wrote in Latin: “Who takes the stone and put in place, will recognize that there is only one God and He is above all creatures in the universe.”

When the court was about to be finished the devil wanted to put the last stone, but to read what it contained could not do it and that broke his covenant.

Cantuña kept the rock forever and no one was able to complete the work. If you ever visit the Plaza de San Francisco, look what the site where the famous stone missing.

La Dama Tapada.

La dama Tapada

La Dama Tapada appears as a popular belief about the year 1700 in the city of Guayaquil.

This legend tells the story of a lady who appeared around midnight but only appeared to be outdated drunks up to the old cemetery, Boca del Pozo, the lower church of Santo Domingo in the city of Guayaquil.

This young woman wearing only chasing philandering between these beautiful costumes an elegant black dress and a very nice time veil covering her face, which is not allowed to be recognized by their victims.

Legend has it that the lady exuded his environment a peculiar fragrance of lilies and violets, and this enticing way and making them into a trance or hypnotized leaving and forcing them to follow her, but this character is not allowed to get close one meter. Womanizers shocked by her beauty pursued without realizing what place they were going, reaching the General Cemetery , place where the lady was about to discover her face, saying these words: You know me as I am, now wants to follow me. In moments her beautiful face was breaking up to be a skull, from which flowed foul odors. Seeing this the victims died and some were impacted by the shock, others by the stench. Very few survived those who were ranked by the popular culture as rascals. She then appeared in this way was the way to go.

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