What to do when you arrive to Cancun

Arriving to Cancun can be very fun and exciting since the moment you set foot in the Caribbean. But as in any destination, It is best to come prepared and avoid any inconvenience to your arrival.

What is the best? I made a list of things you should do when you arrive to Cancun.

1. Know how to transport yourself from the airport

What to do when you arrive to CancunAt Cancun Airport, you will find on each corner all kind of vendors who want to take you to your hotel. But if you want to SAVE MONEY AND TIME waiting to make your reservation there, I suggest you book your transportation ONLINE before traveling.
If you are traveling with family or friends, the best way is to book a private shuttle to take all of you to your hotel or stay without delays. Some of these shuttles make a quick stop at a convenience store in case you want something to drink along the way.

2. Reserve your room hotel

What to do when you arrive to CancunCancun counts with more than 1200 hotels where you can stay in case you don’t know where to go. Some are cheaper than others. It is always better to come prepared. As I mentioned earlier, online booking will always be cheaper than if you book directly at the hotel, don’t forget this!

3. Enjoy a tour in Cancun

What to do when you arrive to CancunIf you are looking What to do when you arrive to Cancun, you can not miss one of the hundreds of tours that are in Cancun! Including the Riviera Maya, Tulum & Yucatán. In my experience, these are the best 5 tours recommended:

-Xelha: A water park for all ages in which you can perform hundreds of activities: Snorkeling, swimming with sharks, buffets, pools, cenotes, caverns, biking, ziplines and more.

-Chichen Itza: Do not miss one of the 7 World Wonders. Chichen Itza is part of this and include good tours to know all the archaeological site. There is a very cool tour called “Chichen Itza Light & Sound” in which you can enjoy a day and the night show.

-Isla Mujeres: A beautiful paradise island located 30 minutes from Cancun, you must take a ferry to get there. What you can do at Isla Mujeres is a day at the beach, travel around the island on a golf cart and spend the night in one of the many bars or clubs. Isla Mujeres sunsets are unforgettable.

-Tulum: In my opinion, Tulum is one of the best beaches and destinations of Cancun I visited. This is an ecological destination where in the evening, darkness let you see the starry sky. I recommend you book a hotel at the sea shore and close to the restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with music and shows.

-Scuba Diving: If you want to feel what is to live in the World of Nemo, you must dive in Cancun. It has coral reefs of all colors and exotic fish. It is a unique opportunity that you will never forget. Cancun Diving offers several tours during the day and at night. Click here for more information.

4. Go eat Mexican Food

What to do when you arrive to CancunOne of the main desires of the foreigners is to try Mexican food, because it is unique and can not be imitated in any other country. I suppose that you want to taste the best tacos in Cancun. I recommend you to go to Cancun Downtown (CENTRO DE CANCUN). There are places that are open until dawn in case you have no time. My recommendation is to go to La Resabrosa or Los Tarascos, they are located in AVE. TULUM. You can take a bus from your hotel to Cancun Downtown and then a taxi to the restaurant.

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