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The best pizzas in Cancun

Cancun is a beautiful city located in the caribbean coast. It is known for its numerous pizza places around the city. Every street has a pizza store and you will never starve in Cancun. Here are some of the best pizzas in Cancun based on experience and research.


Rolandis is known as the most famous italian restaurant in Cancun. There are pizzas in the menu with different flavors and ingredients. There are 4 Rolandis in Cancun; Cumbres, Avenue Coba and 2 in the Hotel Zone. Any of the three have a good enviroment and is pretty full of people all the time but the enviroment is really nice that you don’t have to worry about having bad service. The attention is kind and they serve fast your order. If you are really hungry and you are planning to spend around 20 dlls for you, Rolandis is a good option. Some pizzas that Rolandis have are named Margarita, Napolitana, Marinera, Cancun, Cuatro Estaciones, Maialiana, Hawaiana, Cuatro Quesos, Strapacciata, Fiesta Mexicana, Jardinera and some others. Pastas are also a good recommendation and they have good wine and non-alcoholic drinks to accompany your pizza such as sodas, lemonace or orange juice. Don’t worry in Cancun about the alcohol because almost every restaurant has beer, tequila, mezcal and many alcohol bottles in the menu.

El Tigre y el Toro

There are many restaurants Tigre y el Toro en Cancun. One close to Avenue Huayacan and another one is located in Avenue Nader, when you google it you can get there easily. It has many options for pizza; such as margarita, pepperoni, hawaiiana, vegetariana, vegan, arrachera, italian, española, 4 quesos, etc. You don’t have to make a reservation for Tigre y El Toro. The restaurant has music and offers a comfortable enviroment for their clients. The restaurant is a cool spot in a type of courtyard, it has lights and little tables that are very nice.


La Pizarra is a restaurant that offers great pizzas for the visitors in Cancun. This restaurant just opened a new location in Marina Puerto Cancun. The other Pizarra is located in Plaza La Isla km 12.3 of the Hotel Zone. Some people say this is the best pizza in town and it offers many types of pizzas. Also it has good beverages to order. Definitely you must go to Pizarra when you visit Cancun.

Rino’s Pizza Time

This restaurant is located in Avenue Bonampak and Coba close to the km 0 of the hotel zone. It is considered one of the best restaurants in Cancun. The restaurant serves food like in Italia. Their pizzas are margarita, pepperoni y mozarella, hawaiiana, salsiccia, calabresse and one of chicken with vegetables. They have delivery service.

Luna Rossa

It is also considered of the best pizzas you will find in Cancun. It is located in Av. Bonampak Lote 10-Loc 5, 4, 77500 Cancún, Q.R. You can order many pizzas for the table in case you are many people and try the different ones they have. The restaurant has also many pastas and wines. The pizzas are cooked in wood oven. The pizzas they have are full size or half size. You can order a half pepperoni order.

Mr. Lasaña

Is a very famous italian restaurant in Cancun, known for its amazing pizzas, lasagnas, pastas and wine. Their pizzas are made in a stone oven, a perfect combination of crispy and fresh ingredients. The location is Calle Luciérnaga 503-MZA 10 LTE 1, Del Bosque, 503, 77533 Cancún, Q.R.

La Fate Restaurante Italiano

This restaurant has authentic italian cuisine. They have amazing and delicious pizzas, pastas, wine and other italian plates. It opens at 2 pm and it is very famous in Cancun and rated as one of the best pizza restaurants in Cancun.

Il Partigiano
This cute restaurant has fresh pizzas and pastas, made by hand and at the moment by a kitchen craftsman. It is located in  C. Punta Conoco Supermanzana 24 Manzana 24 Lote 45, 24, 77509 Cancún, Q.R. They offer delivery service.

La Vecchia Pizza

This is very nice restaurant with delicious pizza located in Avenue Huayacan. They also offer other italian plates such as lasagna, pastas, salads, ossobuco and amazing wine.

Deitalia Cancun

It is located in Avenue Las Torres ( Av las torres Mza 43 in the entrance of Los Faroles SM 523, 77533 Cancún, Q.R.) and it is very crowded at the time people go to eat. It is famous for the pizzas and offers a comfortable enviroment for the clients.

Cancun new travel tips for this 2022

Cancun is one of the most visited cities around the world and every year is updating in all ways. I have been living here more than 10 years and all I can say is that there are many new places to visit, restaurants to go and new attractions that are ready to be online in every social media to have visitors. Tourists need to go to the new amazing activities Cancun has. Also, I will tell you about some updated tips I recommend if you are a good traveler and plan your vacation with time.

Entre Fuegos

This is a new restaurant that opened this 2022. It opens at 1 pm and closes around 2 am. It is recommended for people who like drinks, nightlife and good dinner like meat or pasta. It is located in km 12.5 just a step of Plaza La Isla in the Hotel Zone. You can choose to have lunch or dinner in the elegant part of the restaurant or close to the lagoon to see the sunset and the landscape of Cancun.

Photo by Entre Fuegos, Cancun. www.opentable.com.mx


It is another restaurant which is very famous around Cancun because of the amazing view of Puerto Cancun. Located in the Marina Puerto Cancun, first floor and it has many plates to choose such as mexican food, sea food, burguers and good meat. Most of the restaurants have their own menu in their official website.

La Pizarra in Puerto Cancun

This year affortunately the new La Pizarra open in Puerto Cancun, it is an italian restaurant located close to the food court of Marina Puerto Cancun. They take care of the people with special requests for food such gluten free options, vegan cheese options, chef recommendations, special plates and good wine selection. Waitors help their clients to choose the best for their table and sometimes they have live music. The other Pizarra is located in Plaza La Isla Cancun.


Finally a Pampas in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, one of the most preferred restaurants for mexicans in Cancun because of the prices and good menu. They have buffet and special coupons and prices for visitors. The new Mr. Pampas is located in Plaza Kukulcan Km 13.5 at the Hotel Zone. They offer brasilian meat, salads and desserts in one buffet.

La Isla Shopping Mall 2

La Isla Mall opened their second mall which has a new complete environment. It is excellent for travelers who like more nightlife. This new mall is located next to the other Plaza La Isla in Km 12.3. It has a new casino called Macao, new restaurants, souvenir stores, coffee shops, cinema, tequila museum, sky wheel and many stores for shopping from different brands.

There are plenty of new hotels available in Cancun, Riviera Maya and Tulum. Nickelodeon is one of the most famous new hotels that opened this year. You can take a look at their website and it looks like you are in the world of cartoon. Other new hotels are at Costa Mujeres area like Planet Hollywood, Dreams Vista Cancun Golf & Spa Resort and many more. After the pandemia many activities and tours are already available for everyone, specially the parks like Xel-Ha or Xcaret and those are one of the top tours to take when you first visit Cancun.

One important tip to know is that if you come to Cancun airport you need to have already your transportation arrange before your flight.

I recommend to download the official app of Discovery Mundo to book your airport transportation door to door.


High Roller Cancun

Located at La Isla Shopping Village Cancun and with 60 meters tall you can have a beautiful view of its hotel zone. It has joined to a selected group of cities around the world with the same exact attraction to enjoy a urban landscape: London, Paris and Vegas.

The big wheel is built with the latest Dutch technology and has 42 glass viewing pods for up to six people. When you enjoy the ride it takes 25 minutes operating at day and night. An experience you will enjoy from the skies watching the stunning vistas of the Caribbean, Nichupte Lagoon and the Hotel Zone.  

La Isla Shopping Village is set to expand and the High Roller will be moved eventually to the second phase of the shopping center which is under construction right now.

High Roller Cancun is ready to receive 3 million visits per day. It is ensured that in case of hurricanes in Cancun between May and November of each year, will not be a problem cause it counts with a contingency plan to guarantee the security of the users. It was inaugurated on March and now it is open to the public, complying with all safety requirements. The director of civil protection send 4 supervisors that reviewed the structure on every detail, in order to determine the viability it’s your operation.

We have heard or seen pictures of a high roller like the one in Cancun but with an enormous difference that at day let us observe the beautiful Nichupte lagoon with a crystalline color and on the other side the beautiful Caribbean Sea with its water turquoise color such characteristic of Cancun, on the other side if you decide to be part of this experience at night the view is incredibly joyful with the lights of the mall and the awesome hotels around the area.

“La gran rueda de Cancun” looks  to be without doubt in the indicate place, corroborate cause Cancun falls in love with anyone.

How much does it cost to go on the high roller?

For locals: 99 pesos ( Showing Official ID )

Nationals: ( The price is unknown for the moment )

Foreigners: ( 19 USD )

How long is the ride on the high roller?

Depends definitely where you stay but for example from the hotels near the center of Cancun the ride takes 15 to 20 minutes. If you want to get transportation click here!

How long does it take to go all the way around the high roller?

25 minutes

Important Facts

  • The project, to be known as Gran Rueda Cancún, or Big Wheel Cancún, will be similar to the Chicago Centennial Wheel, the Hong Kong Observation Wheel and the Baku Wheel in Azerbaijan.
  • The Mayor of Cancun, Remberto Estrada Barba, described the wheel, as a “new world-class attraction that will soon become a must for the visitors”!
  • But it turns out that construction began without an approved environmental impact assessment. The firm had requested an exemption from that requirement from the federal Environment Secretariat (Semarnat).
  • But after evaluating the construction methods to be utilized the agency notified the firm in January that it could not be exempted because the wheel was to be erected in a coastal environment.
  • The Environment Secretariat also notified Profepa, the environmental protection agency.
  • In spite of that construction of the wheel has continued and is now 90% complete.

5 amazing restaurants with the best views in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most visited cities in the Yucatan peninsula. It is between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, the panorama in Cancun is very famous for stunning beaches, landscapes and travelers that come to celebrate in the Hotel Zone area. There are tons of Hotel Zone restaurants, from luxury to typical locals. These are 10 amazing restaurants with the best views in Cancun:

1. Punta Bonita at Rosewood Mayakoba

Having dinner at Punta Bonita, offers one of a kind views of the Caribbean sea. It has an extensive dining menu from light lunches and pizzas to special Riviera Maya “tapas” with authentic flavors. You can choose indoor dinner or at the outdoor terrance, with a lovely beachside experience. 2. Puerto Madero, Cancun

Puerto Madero offers the best food from Argentina with delicious steaks. Decorations are made of dark woods, brick and glass. The outdoor terrace offers a stunning view of the Nichupte Lagoon, if you get there before 6 pm, you can observe the incredible sunset colors over the lagoon. There are also option for seafood, if you can’t decide, a good option is Surf n Turf. 3. Porfirios

Porfirios is a luxury, upscale restaurant perfect for enjoying traditional mexican cuisine in different flavors, textures and colors. The creative and stunning decorations creates a unique atmosphere. The outdoor terrace have stunning views of the lagoon, with a dock to observe some of the cocodriles that get close to the restaurant, but don’t get to close! The service is very attentive and friendly with quality ingredients and offering over 100 labels of Tequilas and Mezcales, all part of the adventure.4. Elefanta, Indian Cuisine

Is a innovative, upscale restaurant perfect for enjoying array traditional Mexican dishes, that offers flavors, colors and textures. It has a stunning decoration and beautiful, very creative with a casual lively atmosphere. The dinning room offers lagoon views, outside on the terrace. The service is attentive and friendly with quality ingredients.4. Chuchito Perez 

Chuchito Perez is a new Cancun restaurant. It is located in the 3rd floor of the Forum Plaza at KM. 10 of the hotel zone. It has a lovely terrace with a stunning view of the party center and a view of the ocean too. The cuisine is mexican and oriental with a unique decoration style and taste. You will love to try the sushi! 5. La Destileria

Destileria offers excelent mexican cuisine and tequila. It has delicious margaritas created with tequila. If you are lucky, you can get serenared by the mariachis with wonderful music!

If you are looking for airport transfers from your hotel to a restaurant click here.

Otherworldly Adventure in Xplor Park – Ziplines & Underground Rivers

A thrilling mix of high-flying fun & magical sightseeing, when it comes to adventure in Riviera Maya, few places compare to the wonder of Xplor Park – home to 14 of the region’s highest ziplines, miles of tropical trails, & underground rivers.

If you’re looking for an adventurous, distinctly Yucatan experience, this 145-acre eco park near Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to spend the day or night. From the minute you set foot in Xplor, you know you’ve entered a sacred place, slowly shaped by millions  of years of geology, as well as the painstaking efforts of developers and conservationists.

The tropical park is a soaring and sunken network of bridges, treetop platforms, underground rivers, and deep dark caves full of jaw-dropping rock formations. Altogether, daytime guests are welcome to enjoy 14 of the region’s highest ziplines, more than six miles of trails for amphibious vehicles, and over a kilometer of crystal cave waters for rafting – not to mention unlimited smoothies / juices and a BBQ lunch buffet.

The Highest Ziplines in Riviera Mayakkk1Totaling almost 4 kilometers, the 14 zipline runs at Xplor include a thrilling 148-foot descent, and another that plunges 25 feet underground.

Romp the Jungle Above & Below Ground

Ages 18+ are welcome to steer their own John Deere amphibious vehicle across bridges, through the mud, underground and in the water.kkk2Explore Otherworldly Caves

Easily the park’s most magnificent sights are the glistening stalactites and stalagmites that fill the honeycomb of caves entwined across its grounds. This magical formations have taken millions of years to form, with both raft and swim / hiking circuits available.kkk3

A Bevy of Nighttime Thrills

Those seeking another level of fun should consider visiting Xplor Fuego, as the park comes alight with sunset views, torches, and a sea of stars overhead.kkk4

What to Bring

Since admission includes a locker, don’t forget a towel, your swimsuit, shorts, a t-shirt, water shoes, and biodegradable sunscreen.

Things to Do in Cancun When It Rains

Cancun is not only a warm place, there are also many activities to do in Cancun when the weather is cloudy and rainy.

Find more about Weather in Cancún, MX Click for weather forecast

One of the main activities to do in Cancun, is to discover the gastronomic variety that exists and tasty restaurants, while you enjoy a rainy view! They’ll leave impressed with their delicious dishes, you can start from the hotel zone to downtown Cancun, so you can visit different places with your family and friends.

Things to do in Cancun

More Info about Restaurants in Cancun:

Truly Local Restaurants in Cancun

Best Restaurants in Cancun for Valentines Day

When the weather gets more interesting, some streets of Cancun filled with water for a few minutes and of course,  some Extreme Mexicans take advantage of this and make it an opportunity to have fun and have a great time!

Here I share with you a video, Mexicans call this grab the bull by the horns 😉 or the more common phrase: if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Wateresqui at Hotel Zone

Wateresqui at Hotel Zone Avenue – Xtreme Riders Cancun

If you plan to spend a bit more relaxed day and something out of the ordinary, practice yoga on the beaches of Cancun it is a very good option, in the hotel area there are several where you can go in “Playa Delfines” there are free palapas where you can leave your stuff and make good pictures!

Practice Yoga is a great thing to do in Cancun when it is raining

Things to Do in Cancun when its raining

Find out the Best routes and recommendations to run in Cancun

If you love movies, this is a great thing to do in Cancun. There are several movie theaters where you can spend a great time with friends and family! I recommend going to the VIP room that costs about $ 129 pesos, you can request a blanket, enjoy a good snack, sushi, a sandwich-style “Chavo del 8” or the classic popcorn, nachos and soda!

You can pay in dollars and credit/debit card. Here’ll leave the list of the best cinemas in Cancun:

Cinemex at Plaza la Isla (Hotel Zone)
Address: Boulevard Kukulcan Km 12.5, 2nd Floor, Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500, Q.R..
Phone: 01 998 883 5604

Cinépolis at Plaza las Americas (Cancun center)
Address: MZA 22, Las Americas Cancun Mall, Avenue Leona Vicario, SM 228, Benito Juarez, Cancun 77516, Q.R.
Phone: 01 998 889 7596

Cinemex at Cumbres La Roca (Via the Airport)
Address: Blvd.Cumbres Smz 310 Mz 109 Lt 2 Col.Residencial Cumbres, 77580 Cancun, Q.R.
Phone: 01 800 710 8888

In Cancun there are several places that you can visit when it’s raining, in one of them is Skyzone, it is a place to jump and have a lot of fun, who likes bears this exciting fun!

Things to do in Cancun when it rains

Av. Bonampak s / n Anchor 8-A 2nd Floor, Plaza Las Americas, SM 6 Cancun Q.R.
01 998 884 2307
Open now: 1-8PM

Also if you are at the hotel zone, another thing to do in Cancun is to visit the Interactive Aquarium where you can appreciate different fish species interact with them and they can touch the stingrays, nurse sharks and other species.

The entrance to the aquarium offers a dolphin show in the evening, and a nice view of the Nichupte lagoon. In addition to swimming with dolphins programs, you can feed the sharks in a cage (the cage is the customer, not the shark) at an extra cost.

Things to do in Cancun

Cancun Interactive Aquarium is open 365 days a year

Open 10:30 am to 7:30 p.m. | Daily Dolphin Presentation at 7:00 pm
Located in La Isla Shopping Mall Blvd. Kukulcan
Km. 12.5 Hotel Zone, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Acuarium Cancun
Cancun (998) 2063311 | Toll Free USA / CAN 01 (888) 526 2230

A good thing about the crazy weather in Cancun is that, it can be raining in one area and around the corner it can be sunny, so if you like adventure and water, take a tour!

Rio Secreto (Secret River) is an underground and indeed all wonder, is considered one of the best ecological tours around Mexico!

Things to Do in Cancun when its raining

You can also visit a Cenote near the archaeological areas of Cancun.

Things to Do in Cancun when its raining

Another activity is swimming with dolphins at Dolphinaris, you spent an amazing day next to these affectionate and playful marine mammals. It is also a good option to enjoy the facilities of The Sundeck Lounge where you can savor delicious dishes.

Things to Do in Cancun when its raining

Blvd. Kukulcan Km.25 Hotel Zone, Cancun Q.Roo, Mexico.

Phone: + 52 998 881 30 30

If you do not want to go far from Cancun, another activity you can do is go to a bar, drink, play pool and have fun!

Things to Do in Cancun when its raining

Best Bars in Cancun

You can also take a relaxing day at one of the more than thirty spas located in Cancun, pamper yourself and be renewed with a relaxing temazcal, try the variety of Mayan massage or detoxifies and exfoliates your body with body wrap technique. You’re going to impress you with the variety of items that use, from avocado, papaya, green mud, until chocolate! It’s just a matter of letting go.

Things to Do in Cancun when its raining

A very good thing to do in Cancun when there is a rainy afternoon is to visit the many museums, its cultural offer is very large; You can start your day admiring the great archaeological collection owned by the Archaeological Museum of Cancun, continue with a visit to the Museo de Arte Popular Mexicano or stop at the Museum of Mayan Culture which contains a very good interactive exhibition on architecture, art and culture of this great civilization.

Things to Do in Cancun when it rains

More about things to do in Cancun

The party in Cancun never stops, so in case of rain, do not worry! You can go quietly to drink in the many bars and nightclubs that are in the city. If you want a more quiet or romantic plan, you can dine national and international dishes in the wide range of restaurants.

There is no impediment to enjoy your holiday if you find a little rain, remember to wear appropriate clothing, an umbrella and a lot of willingness to have fun.

Restaurants in Cancun for Valentines Day

With so many great restaurants in Cancun, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one. So I decide to make a big list of restaurants in Cancun by category, I hope these suggestions can help to know if you want something romantic, more like mexican, italian, I add my personal recommendations of restaurants in Cancun and more.

My Favorite Restaurants in Cancun

Here are my personal recommendations for you according to my own experience and tastes.

Porfirio’s – this is my favorite of all mexican restaurants in Cancun, I love the atmosphere, the music, the service and the view, you’ll never get bored here. They play mexican music like Alejandro Fernandez or Luis Miguel, while you are eating every half hour the mariachis start playing one or 2 mexican songs, at afternoon is a very mexican-fancy restaurant and at night is more like a nice bar. The “mazapan or nutela mezcal” are delicious if you like sweets, if you like tacos the “Chamorro al horno” and “Carnitas de Pulpo” are my favorite dishes.Restaurants in Cancun

(prices vary between $20 – $50 per person)

Hotel Zone, Blvd. Kukulcan Km 14.2 Tel.8406040

Open: Sunday 1pm-10pm // Monday-Saturday 1pm-1am

– Marakame, I like this place for the decoration, the sofas in the second floor are the best spot. The juices are huge and delicious. I recommend you to go at the afternoon, and take the snack table with cheese and wine. They play live music every Thursday night.

Restaurants in Cancun

(prices vary between $15 – $30 usd per person)

Romantic Restaurants

Here you can find out where to take that special someone for a romantic meal on Valentine’s Day or a special date, all of these restaurants have excellent atmosphere.

– Puerto Madero, the view is beautiful and they have an excellent service, this is one of my favorite restaurants in Cancun for a romantic dinner.

Restaurants in Cancun

(prices vary between $25 – $60 usd per person) 

Hotel Zone, Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 14.1

TEL. 885-2827, 885-2829 – 31 Open Daily 1pm-1am

Lorenzillo’s, very romantic place of seafood, next to the lagoon. I recommend you to go at sunset, so you can  have a beautiful and romantic view. Rockefeller oysters are delicious.

Restaurants in Cancun

(prices vary between $50 – $100 usd per person)

Hotel Zone, Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 10.5
Tel. 883-1254 or 883-3088 Open Daily 1PM -12:30AM

– La Habichuela, great service and a beautiful view. The food is delicious and they also have a mayan show! On the outside there is a place for a romantic dinner, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Restaurants in Cancun

(Prices vary between $20 – $60 per person)

– Casa Rolandi, beautiful view and every Valentine’s Day they have a special dinner and a great singer.

Restaurants in Cancun

Av. Kukulcan Km. 13.5 | Marina Blue Ray / Side Lagoon Open Daily 1pm-1am
Phone +52 998 883 2557

More private and romantic

Thai, make a reservation with time to have dinner in a private table over the water, very romantic and beautiful.

Restaurants in Cancun

(Prices vary between $25 – $60 per person)

La Isla, Boulevard Kukulkan Km12.5, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R.
Tel:01 998 176 8070 Open 6pm-12pm

Casitas at Ritz-Carlton, here you can have a very private, fancy and romantic dinner in a beautiful palapa next to the ocean, this is ideal for a couple on Valentines Day in Cancun. The reservation of the palapa costs $150

Restaurants in Cancun

(prices vary between $60 – $130 per person)

Romantic Dinner on a Boat

Take a romantic sunset trip in a Spanish galleon in the lagoon with lobster dinner and live sax music. More Info

Simple, Cozy and Delicious Restaurants in Cancun

– Pescado Ciego, this is perfect for a delicious local seafood lunch, the atmosphere is very special and nice. People treat you well and make you feel at home.

Restaurants in Cancun

(prices vary between $10 – $30)

– El Tigre y El Toro, the decor is very cute with creative details, it is ideal for a casual valentines dinner.

Restaurants in Cancun

(prices vary between $10 – $25)

– Vino Tinto, I like the pasta and the salads here, the atmosphere is great here. My mom and my sister went the last Valentines day to this restaurant in Cancun.

Restaurants in Cancun

(prices vary between $15 – $30)

– La Fonda del Zancudo,  a place full of vegetation and beautiful lighting. The food is simple and delicious cocktails are delicious, perfect for dinner on valentines day with your date.

Restaurants in Cancun

(Prices vary between $8 – $25 per person)

What to do when you arrive to Cancun

What to do when you arrive to Cancun

Arriving to Cancun can be very fun and exciting since the moment you set foot in the Caribbean. But as in any destination, It is best to come prepared and avoid any inconvenience to your arrival.

What is the best? I made a list of things you should do when you arrive to Cancun.

1. Know how to transport yourself from the airport

What to do when you arrive to CancunAt Cancun Airport, you will find on each corner all kind of vendors who want to take you to your hotel. But if you want to SAVE MONEY AND TIME waiting to make your reservation there, I suggest you book your transportation ONLINE before traveling.
If you are traveling with family or friends, the best way is to book a private shuttle to take all of you to your hotel or stay without delays. Some of these shuttles make a quick stop at a convenience store in case you want something to drink along the way.

2. Reserve your room hotel

What to do when you arrive to CancunCancun counts with more than 1200 hotels where you can stay in case you don’t know where to go. Some are cheaper than others. It is always better to come prepared. As I mentioned earlier, online booking will always be cheaper than if you book directly at the hotel, don’t forget this!

3. Enjoy a tour in Cancun

What to do when you arrive to CancunIf you are looking What to do when you arrive to Cancun, you can not miss one of the hundreds of tours that are in Cancun! Including the Riviera Maya, Tulum & Yucatán. In my experience, these are the best 5 tours recommended:

-Xelha: A water park for all ages in which you can perform hundreds of activities: Snorkeling, swimming with sharks, buffets, pools, cenotes, caverns, biking, ziplines and more.

-Chichen Itza: Do not miss one of the 7 World Wonders. Chichen Itza is part of this and include good tours to know all the archaeological site. There is a very cool tour called “Chichen Itza Light & Sound” in which you can enjoy a day and the night show.

-Isla Mujeres: A beautiful paradise island located 30 minutes from Cancun, you must take a ferry to get there. What you can do at Isla Mujeres is a day at the beach, travel around the island on a golf cart and spend the night in one of the many bars or clubs. Isla Mujeres sunsets are unforgettable.

-Tulum: In my opinion, Tulum is one of the best beaches and destinations of Cancun I visited. This is an ecological destination where in the evening, darkness let you see the starry sky. I recommend you book a hotel at the sea shore and close to the restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with music and shows.

-Scuba Diving: If you want to feel what is to live in the World of Nemo, you must dive in Cancun. It has coral reefs of all colors and exotic fish. It is a unique opportunity that you will never forget. Cancun Diving offers several tours during the day and at night. Click here for more information.

4. Go eat Mexican Food

What to do when you arrive to CancunOne of the main desires of the foreigners is to try Mexican food, because it is unique and can not be imitated in any other country. I suppose that you want to taste the best tacos in Cancun. I recommend you to go to Cancun Downtown (CENTRO DE CANCUN). There are places that are open until dawn in case you have no time. My recommendation is to go to La Resabrosa or Los Tarascos, they are located in AVE. TULUM. You can take a bus from your hotel to Cancun Downtown and then a taxi to the restaurant.

Thank you for taking the time to read What to do when you arrive to Cancun, hope you enjoyed it. Please share the link with your friends on the Social Network

Tips before going to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is one of the most visited places in Cancun, this paradise Island will be unforgettable for you. I’ll give you some tips that you need to know before going to Isla Mujeres:

Get Your Beach Kit Ready

If you are an adventurous traveler don’t forget to bring everything you need to have the best time. Remember if you want to do beach activities don’t forget to bring your bathing suit, a good sunscreen, your beach kit, a camera, water glasses and anything else you would like to bring!

Buy your ferry tickets Online

If you want to get fast to Isla Mujeres you have to take a Ferry, but there will be times that buying your ticket will take a long time… That’s why i recommend you to buy them online and avoid making lines ( Ferry Tickets Online here).

Take advantage of the Tours of Isla Mujeres

hgu5fdjsIsla Mujeres offers a lot of activities for tourists: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Swimming with Dolphins, Swimming with Sharks, Parasailing, Ziplines and a lot more. Some tours include food and drinks. ( Tours of Isla Mujeres here )

Pre book your stay in Isla Mujeres

There are a lot of hotels and places in a good price and next to the beach where you can stay in Isla Mujeres. You can find yours at the moment you arrive at the Island; but there is nothing better to have everything ready with anticipation to avoid complications.
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They are among the most intelligent species that inhabit the planet. They are relatively close to the coast and often interact with humans. Dolphins are often regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Comparison of intelligence between different species is complicated by, among other things, to differences in the sensory apparatus, response modes and nature of cognition. However, the behavior of dolphins has been studied extensively, both in captivity and in the wild. delfines-piscina The appearances of dolphins in mythology and legends are numerous and attest to the relationship between humans and dolphins since antiquity. Greek mythology tells that these marine mammals before dolphins were men, particularly pirates who tried to sell the god Dionysus as a slave and this punishment made them such cetaceans, and the same civilization god Poseidon exercised dominion over water and the sea was always represented with its characteristic trident and surrounded by dolphins. According to another legend, Poseidon persuaded Amphitrite to marry him sending a dolphin. delfines1 The intelligence of dolphins is also used by the army with military dolphin called. There is a Navy program in which marine mammals are trained to detect mines, protect military facilities and attack enemy forces in the United States. This program exists since the 60s, and he trained, among other mammals, killer whales, false killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, common, narrow snout and pilot whales and Risso. Currently, many dolphins (particularly bottlenose dolphins and orcas) are trained to participate in shows at zoos and water parks. Taking advantage of his intelligence and skills, these dolphins are trained to obey their caregivers during intensive training, always in exchange for food. Among the exercises you perform a trained dolphin leaps, pirouettes in the air, ground movements and movements platforms tail moving back are included.

You can make the reservation to live one day with this beautiful and intelligent animals with Discovery Mundo and you will have a great time.