They are among the most intelligent species that inhabit the planet. They are relatively close to the coast and often interact with humans. Dolphins are often regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Comparison of intelligence between different species is complicated by, among other things, to differences in the sensory apparatus, response modes and nature of cognition. However, the behavior of dolphins has been studied extensively, both in captivity and in the wild. delfines-piscina The appearances of dolphins in mythology and legends are numerous and attest to the relationship between humans and dolphins since antiquity. Greek mythology tells that these marine mammals before dolphins were men, particularly pirates who tried to sell the god Dionysus as a slave and this punishment made them such cetaceans, and the same civilization god Poseidon exercised dominion over water and the sea was always represented with its characteristic trident and surrounded by dolphins. According to another legend, Poseidon persuaded Amphitrite to marry him sending a dolphin. delfines1 The intelligence of dolphins is also used by the army with military dolphin called. There is a Navy program in which marine mammals are trained to detect mines, protect military facilities and attack enemy forces in the United States. This program exists since the 60s, and he trained, among other mammals, killer whales, false killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, common, narrow snout and pilot whales and Risso. Currently, many dolphins (particularly bottlenose dolphins and orcas) are trained to participate in shows at zoos and water parks. Taking advantage of his intelligence and skills, these dolphins are trained to obey their caregivers during intensive training, always in exchange for food. Among the exercises you perform a trained dolphin leaps, pirouettes in the air, ground movements and movements platforms tail moving back are included.

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