How to board a plane

Airports can have a stressful enviroment sometimes, some make it difficult for travelers to find a specific point. But if you come prepared you will have no complications and delays. So here I wrote this information you should know to board a plane:

1. Print your ticket and check your luggage

There are some airlines that let you print your ticket online, but you can do it by person at the airport. Find your airline at the airport and wait for your turn to check in. When you approach to the front desk, give your full name and ID or passport, they will give you your printed ticket and ask you for your luggage.

  • If you are flying with multiple connections, you should ask the attendant to print multiple tickets for each connection.
  • You checked luggage should usually weight less than 50 lbs. so you dont have to pay overweight.
  • You are allowed to carry two bags with you, try to bring the right size for each one.

2. Go to Security Check Point

Have your ticket in hand, ID or passport and luggage ready. This is where your bags pass through the security check and will be revised with the computer xray.
The electronic devices must be in a separate container and your bags in another one. Liquids ans gels have to be under 100 ml, otherwise you will not be able to take them with you.

3. Find your terminal/gate

Take your bads and find your terminal or gate, you can find it in your ticket. The airport will guide you with its signs to your gate. If you can’t find any sign ask the security guide and he will help you.
If your ticket doesnt show a terminal, look for the flight screens, there you’ll find everything.

4. Wait for your plane

It is always good to arrive earlier at your gate so you have time to board your plane. You can take a walk at the shops there, connect to the internet or eat something while you wait for your departure.

5. Time to board

Normally you board 20 min before the plane leaves, so wait for the flight attendant call. Boarding is done in sections/groups, find your group number in your boarding pass.

6. Ready to fly

Now is the time for your departure, place your bags under the front passenger seat, your seatbelt on and turn off your cellphone until the pilot indicates to turn it on at sky (literally). Have a great trip!
Hope this article is helpful for you! Share it to help other travelers on their way 🙂

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