Twenty for hours in New York will never be enough like any other city; but if that’s all the time you’ve got like I did once, I’ve a designed a trip for you to make every minute count at this amazing city.

I was with my family. It was funny cause we lived in Washington DC and we didn’t knew what to do on that saturday morning, so we decided to take the car straight to New York City!

It was a 4 hour trip, we arrived aproximately at 11 am. After crossing NY Bridge we found a place to park the car all day and walked directly somewhere to take breakfast!

We found this cute coffee shop called ”Hi-Collar” located at 214 East 10th St between 1rst&2nd Avenue.

This was a cool experience. It reminded me of an old fashion ice cream/coffee counter owned and operated by actual Japanese people. I remember ordering a Japanese Ice Coffee (the cost was about 3 dolars) with Fordenza Brazilian Coffee Bean (with 1 extra dolar). The waiter personally measured and ground the beans. Then she did a pour over, put the coffee in a copper mug with cold draft ice and tasted strong and enjoyable!


After that, we took the closet subway and catch a train to Grand Central Terminal. No one will blame you for staring like a tourist at the glorious constellations painted on the ceiling of the marbled main hall. Head downstairs to the excellent European-style food hall, feast on seafood at the Grand Central Oyster Bar or escape the crowds at the elegant Campbell Apartment.

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A long walk took us to 5th avenue. Experienced and amateur shoppers alike will no doubt be thrilled by the amount of choice offered in New York’s shopping places. The city contains branches of almost all of the big chain stores! We bought some NY sweaters for everyone and took some pictures along the way!

New York 2

Visiting Empire State Building is an must see tourist attraction that cannot be missed.. This building has a lot of history, you should really buy way all the way to the top. If you like taking photos there’s literally millions of “perfect shots!” The journey to the top is part of the fun, do it with a loved one or two and you have plenty of time to catch up, the air is pure and clean at the top.


After the sunset, I was excited to finally take a walk by the Crossroads of the World, the most visited place on the face of the Earth, people calle it the electric heart of New York City. Running from the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue between West 42nd and West 47th Streets in Midtown, it’s a big thing of noise and light, and crowded with people 24 hours a day. When they say the city never sleeps, they mean Times Square.

We walk for hours amazed by all the big shows in the street, lights, people singing, selling all kind of stuff and limousines everywhere taking artists to their destinations! I looved that.

It’s a risk between you and traffic to get a shot of yourself standing right in the middle of the road, light and buildings all around, so here are some pictures that I reached to took that night!

New York 8New YorkNew York 5


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