My First Scuba Diving Experience

It all began with my arrival to the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Mexico. Where the sea is crystal clear, White sand and far you can see the beautiful blue colors that stand out from the Caribbean. A few days after I got my first dive training with my family. We started to dive into a pool. Our instructor showed us some techniques like breathing with the regulator, what to do if your viewers are filled with water, how to talk with signals, etc.

Having already learned the correct technique of diving with all methods, rules and precautions, we took a boat that ride us straight to the ocean. In my mind went many things, my voice was shaking with fear and had never seen what was the seabed. I did not know what was down there. A blue abyss? Many fish and animals around me? Sharks? Will I Survive? …

When the boat stopped to start diving it was when I got really scared, we had to jump back and not leave the water until we finished the first session of diving! I took my tank on my back, the viewers on my head and my regulator ready on my hand. I sat on the edge of the boat and scared but bravely I jumped into the wáter.

Buceo Cancun

First, jump into the ocean OMG!

Blue and blue, when suddenly I turned down .. was spectacular, WOW! I could not believe it, everything was amazing, a huge pool with many colored rocks in the sea, sand like gigantic cotton and some fish swimming around.

cancun 2

First impression upon the ocean

Along with the instructor and my family we began to descend compensating ears as we showed down to the sand, 10 meters deep, I felt I was in another world..

buceo cancun

At the bottom of the sea

When we touch the sand, I turned up and realized how amazing it was to be in that place at that momento, nothing else mattered. I was so lost that could have been hours swimming and sailing across the ocean. We found a huge number of exotic fish of various sizes and all colors! Corals, beta fish, clown, barracuda, jellyfish, starfish and huge reefs with different fish inside, just like in the movie Nemo. Also turtle slowly sailing towards the sea surface, they were beautiful!

After swimming for a while, we went to dive into another part of the vast ocean. They said that 60% of people who dive for the first time do not want to launch the sea in the second session because you get sick, but the worst thing you can do is stay on the boat! You definitely should go into the water, that dizzy feeling on the boat is automatically removed when you get to sea again, so if you’re about to experience your first diving don´t miss both sessions!

The next area where we dived was in the underwater museum MUSA, sculptures fixed to the seabed made of special materials used to promote coral life .. These figures scared me a bit at first, I had never been able to imagine something like that in my life .. We start circling those sculptures slowly and observe each.

Just before we got out was when we saw a stingray of 5 meters underground above the sand, suddenly began to swim, amazing!

I loved the experience and would do it as often as possible, started swimming as a beginner and gradually took more confidence to dive into the coral wall at Cozumel (I recommend it a lot).

Now undoubtedly, I will share with you my next diving experience at the beautiful sea of Galapagos, where the most exotic marine animals live and huge Galapagos tortoises!


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  • Wow, amazing experience! your article is very exciting, although this is your first experience diving but you are cool because you are brave, with complete diving equipment you will feel more enjoy and safe. Thank you for sharing your experiences, I wait for the next story.

  • So good to hear about your first dive experience! I have been a scuba diving instructor for a few years and unfortunately, due to Covid, we all were made redundant… So, I started a diving blog with free scuba tips, dive destination guides, and interviews with diving experts. Please take a look and let me know if there is a topic you would like to learn more about!

    Happy Bubbles!

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