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Six Flags Mexico is an amusement park in Mexico City. Receives over 2.5 million visitors, making it the most visited theme park in Latin America. It is also the first Six Flags Park inaugurated out of the United States and Canada.

Newly opened in 2013, it is a new outdoor show based on a classic story of the Old West. With various elements of action, falls, fights and more. It takes place in the “Chinese Theatre” in the Hollywood section. According to the website of Six Flags Mexico.

The Black Out show is total darkness inside the “Mexican Theater”. It is a performance with different events and dances, donate fluorescent light makes highlight the clothes of the dancers as they perform various choreographies and creating optical illusions. It is set to music with hits from yesterday and today. This new show is based on the famous black theater, a concept in which body language plays a fundamental role to give mobility to the lights that break achieving total darkness difficult time believing the human eye.

After opening the Gothic Theatre in the post-part boomerang they have made many events and concerts which has hosted many national and international artists.

Magic Lights Parade is a big parade with floats with fluorescent lights, dancers, singers. In it you can see members of the Justice League as Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, among other parade and Looney Tunes members. The parade starts from section of “Go Karts” in the “Hollywood”, covering most of the park, passing through Swiss Village, French Village and ending at Cowboy Village. Starts with different groups of dancers and acrobats, skaters and floats in different ways.

Terminator X is a theme-interactive attraction inspired by the famous saga of Terminator. Is a war between teams where players take fictitious weapons that shoot lasers also have to fight against the “Skynet” system and its elite combat squadrons. The scenarios have multiple special effects and lighting and sound effects to create an immersive environment than would be much like a video game Terminator. This new thematic expertise is brought to Mexico by The Sudden Entertainment Company, by Lynton V. Harris, recognized creator of interactive thematic experiences around the world, like the one opened in the same park in 2009, The Van Helsing Experience Live! Which it has since been enjoyed by thousands of people.

Honestly a visit to Six Flags Mexico will be a very good experience for all visitors, you will enjoy with family and friends many activities in one of the best parks in Latin America and can book your tickets with Discovery World by clicking here.


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