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Cancun new travel tips for this 2022

Cancun is one of the most visited cities around the world and every year is updating in all ways. I have been living here more than 10 years and all I can say is that there are many new places to visit, restaurants to go and new attractions that are ready to be online in every social media to have visitors. Tourists need to go to the new amazing activities Cancun has. Also, I will tell you about some updated tips I recommend if you are a good traveler and plan your vacation with time.

Entre Fuegos

This is a new restaurant that opened this 2022. It opens at 1 pm and closes around 2 am. It is recommended for people who like drinks, nightlife and good dinner like meat or pasta. It is located in km 12.5 just a step of Plaza La Isla in the Hotel Zone. You can choose to have lunch or dinner in the elegant part of the restaurant or close to the lagoon to see the sunset and the landscape of Cancun.

Photo by Entre Fuegos, Cancun. www.opentable.com.mx


It is another restaurant which is very famous around Cancun because of the amazing view of Puerto Cancun. Located in the Marina Puerto Cancun, first floor and it has many plates to choose such as mexican food, sea food, burguers and good meat. Most of the restaurants have their own menu in their official website.

La Pizarra in Puerto Cancun

This year affortunately the new La Pizarra open in Puerto Cancun, it is an italian restaurant located close to the food court of Marina Puerto Cancun. They take care of the people with special requests for food such gluten free options, vegan cheese options, chef recommendations, special plates and good wine selection. Waitors help their clients to choose the best for their table and sometimes they have live music. The other Pizarra is located in Plaza La Isla Cancun.


Finally a Pampas in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, one of the most preferred restaurants for mexicans in Cancun because of the prices and good menu. They have buffet and special coupons and prices for visitors. The new Mr. Pampas is located in Plaza Kukulcan Km 13.5 at the Hotel Zone. They offer brasilian meat, salads and desserts in one buffet.

La Isla Shopping Mall 2

La Isla Mall opened their second mall which has a new complete environment. It is excellent for travelers who like more nightlife. This new mall is located next to the other Plaza La Isla in Km 12.3. It has a new casino called Macao, new restaurants, souvenir stores, coffee shops, cinema, tequila museum, sky wheel and many stores for shopping from different brands.

There are plenty of new hotels available in Cancun, Riviera Maya and Tulum. Nickelodeon is one of the most famous new hotels that opened this year. You can take a look at their website and it looks like you are in the world of cartoon. Other new hotels are at Costa Mujeres area like Planet Hollywood, Dreams Vista Cancun Golf & Spa Resort and many more. After the pandemia many activities and tours are already available for everyone, specially the parks like Xel-Ha or Xcaret and those are one of the top tours to take when you first visit Cancun.

One important tip to know is that if you come to Cancun airport you need to have already your transportation arrange before your flight.

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Get to Know Manzanillo – The Capital of Sail Fishing

Escrito por Damaris Chavez. Junio 2018. De Manzanillo, Mexico.

Manzanillo is one of the most important commercial ports in Mexico, known as the world capital of sail fishing, and known for sunny climate throughout the year, the charm of Manzanillo undoubtedly revolves around its beautiful beaches.

This is the ideal destination for those looking to relax and enjoy on the seashore.

When it comes to traveling with children to Manzanillo, keep in mind that the beaches are very varied among themselves and not all are recommended for young children. La Boquita, Santiago, and Playa Azul, located in the Bay of Santiago, are the most frequented by families with children due to the calm waters.

On the other hand, there is Las Hadas, which is the quietest beach in the Bay of Manzanillo, since it is in a well-protected cove that allows it to have gentle waves. The access is restricted only allowed to guests of Hotel Las Hadas.

Another entertaining activity when we ask ourselves what to do with children involved in Manzanillo is to visit the “Iguana Refuge Archundia”. Ramón Archundia began rescuing a pair of iguanas and settled in a marshy area where he planted two guamúchil trees, establishing the perfect conditions for them to live and reproduce.

Currently, it takes care of the 550 specimens of iguanas that live in this place. There is no cost at the entrance there is only a voluntary donation as a collaboration to help with maintenance and food for the different species refuged there.

If your family trip to Manzanillo includes people of your same age, the options vary. We recommend visiting several of its beaches since each one has a particular style and a different tourist projection, able to satisfy any need for rest and relaxation.

In the first instance, you can visit La Audiencia, located in the Peninsula de Santiago subdivision. It is a small cove, surrounded by palm trees and with a moderate swell. It is excellent for developing the most popular water sports such as skiing, kayaking, windsurfing and renting jet skis.

Las Brisas is another of the best beaches in Manzanillo. Due to its unique characteristics, especially in the southern area where the slope is less pronounced and more subtle, the waves favor swimming, diving, snorkeling and enjoying the landscape.

Olas Altas, located in the Bay of Santiago, is of moderate waves. It is an ideal beach to sunbathe and enjoy the scenery. Due to the sea becoming deep close to the beach, it is dangerous to swim without taking the proper precautions.

Miramar is the most popular beach for tourists, its waves are soft and the slope is moderate, favorable conditions to enjoy the sun and swimming.

Here, you will find hotels, restaurants, handicrafts market, and you can carry out activities such as horseback riding or water sports of your choice. In addition, the place has its own boardwalk for you to take long walks while watching the sunset.

Finally, San Pedrito is the closest beach to downtown. It is interesting to observe the presence of pelicans that are almost always found at the north end of the beach, where fishermen also arrive in the mornings after their work. On this beach, you can find the facilities to do Sports Fishing of Manzanillo.

And since we talk about fishing, being the capital of sail-fishing, Manzanillo is among the favorite places in the world to practice it. Every year, in November, the International Pez Vela Tournament is held where the best national and foreign competitors come to these waters to give their best.

If you are interested in practicing this sport, we suggest you do it in the “capture and release” mode that consists of releasing the fish after capture to give you the opportunity to continue living and enjoying the coasts of Colima.

The coastal cuisine of Manzanillo depends a lot on fishing in the region. The basis of it is fish and seafood. Ceviche Colimense, prepared with ground beef from sailfish, is one of the most popular dishes in the city.

After a good dinner with typical food of the region, it is best to go for a walk on the Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid, the center of the nightlife of Manzanillo, and where you can listen to live music and dance until dawn.

Throughout your family vacation in Manzanillo, you will undoubtedly visit the Malecón several times, where you can see sculptures by local artists, fishing boats, and the beautiful bay.

Within the beach activity, in addition to choosing between the above, you can visit Ventanas, a viewpoint to the Pacific, perfect to enjoy a sunset and take pictures, or also the Valley of Las Garzas, where you will find pelicans and herons and you can even take a boat ride.

If you are fond of golf, you can’t miss the Manzanillo golf course, where tournaments such as the Las Hadas Cup and the Mexican Aviation Cup are often held.

Some places of interest that we recommend visiting in the framework of a vacation in Manzanillo are the Cathedral of Colima, the Government Palace, the Temple of San Francisco de Almoloyan, the House of Culture and the Museum of Western Cultures.

And as you will undoubtedly want to bring back a memory of your passage through this city, on Mexico Avenue you will find many artisans, from those who work with marine snails to high and low-temperature potters.

Finally, we have some recommendations for you to consider when choosing between family hotels in Manzanillo, especially when it comes to child care:

1). Barceló Karmina Palace Deluxe: the most recommended in recent months among tourists and one of the most luxurious. It has a swimming pool, restaurant, spa, gym, bar and ocean view.

2). Las Hadas: the most famous hotel in Manzanillo, it is located on the beach of the same name, exclusively for hotel guests. It is a very exclusive resort, it has a swimming pool, golf course, ocean view, gym, spa, restaurant and a marina for yachts and boats.

3). City Express is a very modern hotel with a pool and gym.

4). Hotel Dolphin Cove Inn has a pool, restaurant, and ocean view.

We hope this guide will help you leave nothing out of your itineraries for Manzanillo. Our beaches are waiting for you to spend an unforgettable moment. Bon Voyage and please tell us your adventures!

How to travel with Discovery Mundo?

Discovery Mundo offers transfers to many destinations around the world. The most selling are Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Mayan Riviera, Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City and Paris.When you already made your reservation you will receive a confirmation email with your transfer details. Make sure to review your email constantly in case that any agent wants to get in contact with you or so you check your confirmation email, you will also receive your “arrival instructions” depending where you travel.. you will receive your arrival instructions on how to get to your chaffeur. I will give some some neccesary details on how to travel with Discovery Mundo: 

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Discovery Mundo for all destinations promises that will be waiting the client outside the terminal door holding a sign with the logo of Discovery Mundo and the name of the reservation, if you want another name in your sign you can write it on the comment box.When you are outside the terminal, in case you have not find your chauffeur, get in contact with us on any of the following numbers and wait for a response:

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Top 15 Places to visit in Winter

It’s cold outside! If you are planning a holiday with a hot chocolate in hand enjoying the beautiful scenery that brings the winter, this are the 15 Places That Are Even Better During The Winter:

1. Winter in Gullfoss, IcelandWinter
2. Winter in Bern, Switzerlandwinter
3. Winter in The Tadami River in Fukushima, Japan
4. Winter in Lake Tahoe, CaliforniaWINTER-1
5. Winter in The Norwegian Boreal ForestWinter
6. Winter in Bergen, Norwaywinter
7. Winter in The Italian Donomiteswinter
8. Winter in Northern British Columbia, Canadawinter
9. Winter in Hallstatt, Austriawinter-9
10. Winter in Lake Bled, Sloveniawinter-10
11. Winter in Bavaria, Germanywinter-11
12. South Yorkshire, UKwinter-12
13. Cariboos, British Columbiawinter-13
14. Steamboat Springs, Coloradowinter-14
15. Winter in Loveland Pass, Colorado

Six Flags Mexico


Six Flags Mexico is an amusement park in Mexico City. Receives over 2.5 million visitors, making it the most visited theme park in Latin America. It is also the first Six Flags Park inaugurated out of the United States and Canada.

Newly opened in 2013, it is a new outdoor show based on a classic story of the Old West. With various elements of action, falls, fights and more. It takes place in the “Chinese Theatre” in the Hollywood section. According to the website of Six Flags Mexico.

The Black Out show is total darkness inside the “Mexican Theater”. It is a performance with different events and dances, donate fluorescent light makes highlight the clothes of the dancers as they perform various choreographies and creating optical illusions. It is set to music with hits from yesterday and today. This new show is based on the famous black theater, a concept in which body language plays a fundamental role to give mobility to the lights that break achieving total darkness difficult time believing the human eye.

After opening the Gothic Theatre in the post-part boomerang they have made many events and concerts which has hosted many national and international artists.

Magic Lights Parade is a big parade with floats with fluorescent lights, dancers, singers. In it you can see members of the Justice League as Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, among other parade and Looney Tunes members. The parade starts from section of “Go Karts” in the “Hollywood”, covering most of the park, passing through Swiss Village, French Village and ending at Cowboy Village. Starts with different groups of dancers and acrobats, skaters and floats in different ways.

Terminator X is a theme-interactive attraction inspired by the famous saga of Terminator. Is a war between teams where players take fictitious weapons that shoot lasers also have to fight against the “Skynet” system and its elite combat squadrons. The scenarios have multiple special effects and lighting and sound effects to create an immersive environment than would be much like a video game Terminator. This new thematic expertise is brought to Mexico by The Sudden Entertainment Company, by Lynton V. Harris, recognized creator of interactive thematic experiences around the world, like the one opened in the same park in 2009, The Van Helsing Experience Live! Which it has since been enjoyed by thousands of people.

Honestly a visit to Six Flags Mexico will be a very good experience for all visitors, you will enjoy with family and friends many activities in one of the best parks in Latin America and can book your tickets with Discovery World by clicking here.


Marietas Islands

If you’re traveling to Mexico and you have no idea about what to do you can visit Marietas Islands.

The Marietas Islands is a group of small uninhabited islands in the state of Nayarit a few miles of Punta de Mita and Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico. They are very a popular tourist destinations because of the abundant marine life, because the islands are protected from fishing and hunting.

The most famous and visited point of this island is Playa Escondida, also known as Hidden Beach.



Mariestas Islas

People constantly reported sightings of sea turtles, stingrays, octopus, wild dolphins, whales and thousands of species of tropical fish around the islands. They are also home to a few thousand of birds species such as the blue-footed boobies.

In Punta de Mita you will find small boats out doing tours through the islands to see the wildlife of this region. Approximately in the period from December to March you can observe gray and whales that come from Alaska in order to give birth off the coast of Nayarit.


Explore the bay as you head out to the islands, looking for dolphins, rays and turtles along the way. As you reach the islands, you will encounter over 90 species of birds that call the island home.

This duration of this tour is about 7 hours and you will totally need your camera to take pictures of this wonderful island.

You will enjoy time in the clear refreshing waters around the islands swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring a buffet lunch, open bar, music and an entertaining performance by the crew.

You can make the reservation for this tour with Discovery Mundo clicking here Isla Escondida tour includes Continental breakfast, Deli style lunch, Open bar, Snorkel equipment, Kayak equipment, Wetsuit and Paddle board.


Whalesharks inhabits the warm oceans and seas, near the tropics. They are believed as pelagic fish, but in certain seasons migrate long distances to coastal areas like Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, Utila in Honduras, Donsol and Batangas in the Philippines, the island of Holbox in the state of Quintana Roo, Yucatan peninsulas and Baja California, Mexico, the islands of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, Coiba and the Pearl Islands in Panamá. Is also possible to see them near the coast, entering lagoons or coral atolls, and near the mouths or rivers. Usually remain within ± 30 ° latitude, and at a depth of 700 meters. They may usually solitary act, but occasionally form groups to feed in areas with large concentrations of food. The males can be found in most different places, while females prefer to stay in more specific places.

This species, despite its huge size, is not danger for humans. It is a widely cited example to fame with sharks devouring people. Actually, they are quite affectionate, and often playful with divers. There are even reports, though unconfirmed, whale sharks that come to the surface face up to the diver you scratch his belly and removes parasites.

Tiburon ballena

This shark is often observed by divers and tourists in boats off the Yucatan Peninsula on the island of Holbox, in the Bay Islands of Honduras, in the Maldives, the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador; Philippines, Thailand, the Red Ningaloo Reef and Christmas Island in Western Australia, Tofo Beach in Mozambique and Sodwana Bay in South Africa Sea. Some of these places, such as in Western Australia, have become central points of the ecotourism industry.

tiburon B

The highest concentration of whale sharks in the world is in the Philippines. Between January and May, they are grouped in the shallow shores of Donsol in Sorsogon province. Some very fortunate divers found whale sharks in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Seychelles. Between December and September, very often it is running into some unit in the Bay of La Paz, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur and from May to September on the northeast coast of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Sometimes they are accompanied by small fish, like remora. Recently, they have been spotted in the vicinity of the Tenggol island, located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, where there are several coral reefs frequented by these sharks, as Redang Island, or Island Kapas.

Come and explore the amazing world of whale sharks in what we are sure will be the best experience of your life and you can book your tour with Discovery Mundo.

Machu Pichu.

According to documents from the mid-sixteenth century, Machu Picchu would have been one of the residences of Pachacutec, the ninth Inca Tahuantinsuyo between 1438 and 1470. However, some of its finest buildings and ceremonial evident from the main gateway to the llaqta demonstrate that this was used as a religious sanctuary. Both uses, the palace and the temple, it would have been incompatible. Some experts seem to have ruled, however, an alleged military, so the popular epithets of “strength” or “citadel” could have been overcome.

Machu Picchu is considered a masterpiece of architecture and engineering. Its unique architectural features and landscaping, and the veil of mystery around the literature published on the site, have become one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet.

Machu pichu1

Machu Picchu is on the List of World Heritage of UNESCO since 1983 as part of a whole set cultural and ecological known under the name Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. The July 7, 2007 Machu Picchu was declared one of the new seven wonders of the modern world in a ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal, which was attended by one hundred million voters worldwide.

The archaeological site is accessible either from the Inca roads that reach it, or using the road Hiram Bingham. None of the two forms exempts to the visitor entrance price to the ruins.

That road, however, is not integrated into the national road network in Peru. Born in the town of Aguas Calientes, which in turn can only be accessed by railway whose route takes about three hours from Cuzco or 30 minutes by helicopter. The absence of a direct road to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu is intentional and allows to control the flow of visitors to the area, which, given its nature of national reserve, is particularly sensitive to the crowds. This, however, has not prevented the disorderly growth of Aguas Calientes, who lives and tourism, hotels and restaurants as there are different categories here.

Formerly to reach Machu Picchu by the main Inca road should do a walk of about three days. This requires taking a train or railcar until km 82 of the railroad Cusco-Aguas Calientes. Some visitors take a local bus from Cusco to Ollantaytambo and then take a shuttle to the mentioned km 82. Once there cross the railway to cover the 32 km there to Aguas Calientes. At present, buses reach the Hydroelectric located 9 km from Aguas Calientes, which are walking about three hours, which is the same path that makes the train.

Tren Machu Pichu

The weather is hot and humid during the day and cool at night. The temperature ranges between 12 and 24 degrees Celsius. The area in general is very rainy, especially between November and March. The rains, which are abundant, rapidly alternating with periods of intense sunshine.

Getting to know Madagascar

Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world after Australia, Greenland, New Guinea.

Since 2005 the official currency of Madagascar is the Malagasy ariary, which replaced the Malagasy franc 1 USD is equivalent to 2.941.83 Malagasy ariary today. I’m not pretty sure about what can you buy with 2.900 Malagasy Ariary

Its capital is Antananarivo, the country has about 22 million inhabitants, here is a picture of Antananarivo, seems like a nice place to visit. I read about Madagascar for an University work and it looks amazing not only because there is a movie called like this country, this island have many different environments.


The official language is Malagasy and French, if you want to say “hello”, “good morning” or good afternoon” in the Malagasy language you should say “Salama” and “how much does this cost?” Serious “ohatrinona ity”.

The animal is the symbol of Madagascar is the Lemur, an animal which is endemic of this island and is considered as the closest animal to man, closer than the Monkeys or Chimps. In Madagascar there are 33 species of lemur, the Striped Tail Lemur is the most studied and performed most of his activities in the day and afternoon with the sunlight, there are other species of Lemur that only come out at night which are considered unlucky and when people find one of this Black Night Lemurs they often kill them.

Lemur name comes from the lost continent of Lemuria was considered as the South Atlantis.

It was given the name of Lemur from the Latin meaning “Spirit of the Dead” as they are considered strange halfway between animals and spirit creatures.

All these animals come from the continent known as Gondwana millions of years before, which left in the island reptiles and other animals, Platypuses are a great example of prehistoric animals in Madagascar.

There are carnivorous mammals like the Fossa and there are also reptiles like chameleons, snakes and birds.

In Madagascar there are several tourist attractions mostly nature entered for example the Avenue of the Baobabs where along this route you can find trees up to 30 meters this species are known as Adansonia Grandieri, endemic to Madagascar .


The Zahamena National Park, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, has about 13 species of lemur.

Lemur Raton

I believe Madagascar is one of those mysterious places in the world that someone should visit before dying, I hope we can go there soon.

Bhutan, The Way to the Happiness.

Bhutan is a country located at the foot of the Himalayas and bordered to the north by the Republic of China and India to the south.

It has an area of 40,994 km and its inhabitants are close to 800,000.

The animal symbol of this country is the Takin which lives in the Himalaya at 2000 meters above sea level and when females were going to give birth to their offspring up to 3000 m and return once they are ready. They are wild animals and live in the cold.

The official currency is the Bhutanese Ngultrum Bhutan which has the same value as the Blonde from India for trade.

The official language is Dzongkha but also speak English in order to have a means of communication with the world, which is taught in all schools in Bhutan.

Bhutan has the rulers King Wangchuck Jigme Khesar his father who inherited the crown when he was 16 in 2006. Study at the public school in Thimphu with other children because his father wanted him to be a king who knew his people and know what they need and thus be a fair and humble King. Study Wheaton College, Massachusetts.

The dean of the faculty said that “has the ability to feel at home anywhere, because it makes everyone feel at home in his presence.”

Lifestyle change when Bhutan King Jigme Wangchuck think Sengyel indicator Gross National Happiness in 1972, which means that you first have to give more importance to happiness than material goods.

Monasterio Gangtey

Its attractions include several temples including the Monastery Ganteng, Taktshang which represent Buddhism as the national religion which was introduced by Padmasambhava who was a guru who came from India to the back of a tigress.


The Taktshang is a temple built in 1692 in honor of Buddha Padmasmavaba who came to these mountains to 3120 meters above sea level and the place was so majestic that he decided to stay and meditate on it for three years, three months, three weeks Three days and three hours. Legend tell us that when Padmasmavaba came, it did so on the back of a tigress and that’s why this place is known as the Tiger’s Nest.

Honestly for me this country has a very different way of thinking to other countries, I feel I will go to Bhutan and try to live as they do, they might help the world to take these positions about happiness and that I think are very important to maintain a balance with the environment and society.

I hope someday I’ll visit this country definitely, is in the number one place of Places to Visit before I die, this list includes includes Machu Picchu and Easter Island. It would not be wrong to try to think like a Bhutanese if we analyze it in a leisurely way, to achieve the pursuit of our own happiness Net balance with nature.