In 2014, I attended to one of the best weddings I have been to in my life. This was at the Barcelo Mayan Palace in Riviera Maya (Transportation to Barcelo Mayan Palace). My cousin Alfonso was getting married with her girlfriend Gaby, a very beautiful couple.
They organized their wedding weekend at this hotel with a Mayan ceremony, Church ceremony and an amazing party at the end.

First, we arrived on a van this Friday with my family in Mexico and other countries. There were more than 200 people including my cousin’s girlfriend family. We arrived about 4 pm, every family was located in a room at this huge resort, it was really big you could lose yourself. Finally we stayed in a room near the wedding couple, it was cool because the photographers took pictures of them at the lobby with their wedding clothes.
We were all located in the rooms and getting ready for the first Mayan ceremony. The Mayan Civilization is part of our mexican culture and that is why they choosed to stay in the Mayan Palace.
We found ourselves at night by the sea, beautiful candles and lights everywhere, ready to start with the ceremony. The couple stood at the front seated. This ritual began with many chants that the Mayan culture do, very interesting. Fire shows and rituals called everyone’s attention; that’s how Gaby and Alfonso joined throught the Mayas.

mayas After this ceremony, we all went to a Mexican buffet inside the hotel, the food was delicious, I can’t explain it with words. There were 4 types of Mexican Buffets. It was so good you couldn’t choose. Since eating tacos, chilaquiles, pozole, enchiladas, mole and more.. to the best desserts of all flavors, great drinks and Mexican entries..

wedding 26 We were like four hours at this buffet, the enviroment and the music was really nice and very mexican, of course.. After this each family went to their room. My family and me went looking for some place to go dancing, the atmosphere in each place was fun and we had to move after that big dinner!

The next day, we were ready taking breakfast in another buffet until we couldn´t eat more. We went to the beach for a while, did some activities of the hotel and stayed all day at the pool with my family and having good drinks.

My sister and I went to a spa for a good massage offered by the hotel. I can say it was one of the best massages I’ve had in my life. They were 2 girls, one for my sister and one for me. The music was very nice and the atmosphere towards the sea.
That was all day until 5pm that we had to get ready for the big day. Of course it took us like 3 hours to dress up and everything because we are women and we took over. haha
So, the wedding at the chappel started at 8. Big decorations with lots of colors and lights surrounded in each corner.

The couple looked divine together and I must say some tears came to me. It reminded me of how important it is love in life and we should cultivate it, that is why i think is the best wedding I have been in Cancun.
All this was until 10 pm ready for the big celebration party by the sea. We arrived in a monster truck for everyone and took a table for each family. A blue dance floor with lights was the fascination!

wedding 18 wedding 17







The night started with a fire show a little scary because the actors where playing and dancing with fire, it kinda look like martial arts.

Then they gave us dinner and finally the party got started. The music was very popular and super fun! Then they started playing all kind of music, rock and roll, pop, mexican, salsa, hip hop and a lot more. We danced like 8 hours… surely the best thing was the people there!

I had a lot of fun at this wedding and I’m always gonna remember it like the best wedding I have ever gone.
Here I share a little video dancing at night with the family! Hope you enjoy and if you like this article share it!

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