The first thing every hotel architect considers before creating the design is who is going to be inside of it and why. The interior design have to fill the requirements of the guest; an overnight trip does not require the same as a luxury vacation. I made a list for those kind of adventurous travelers who are looking for something extremely different than going to a normal hotel or resort.
Enjoy this list that I made of the World’s Weirdest Hotels!                                     

 1. The Mirrorcube 

A fantastic place, you will feel like in movies. This kind of tree house is a stunning, modern, simple, comfortable and fantasy place well designed in the forest. The views here and breathtaking which Britta and her husband had the vision to create. This place is full on faintly bonkers antiques and feels like a different century. Amazing day trips and activities can be organised depending on the time of year..

2. IceHotel


This literally Ice Hotel It’s an art exhibition and hotel made of natural ice and snow from one of Europe’s last wild rivers, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

3. Marmara Antalya

Weird-marmara-antalyaLocated on the famous Falez Hills with sweeping Mediterranean views, the Marmara Antalya is an exclusive hotel with a unique exuberant lobby and a private beach on the Turquoise Coast.
The gastronomy at this place is turkish and international. Having dinner or a drink while enjoying the amazing view of the mountains and the mediterranean will make your stay count.

4. Dog Bark Park Inn

Weird-dog-barkDog Park Inn is a hotel located in Idaho. The exterior design of this hotel is based of a beagle and the interior has dog-themes contents.

5. Jules Underwater LodgeWeird-Lodge

Spartan rooms come with 42-inch windows looking out into the water, shared bathrooms, TVs, DVD players and iPod docks.

6. Tianzi HotelWeird-tianzi

Tianzi Hotel was built in the period of 2000-2001. It is based on a representation of Fu Lu Shou that brings luck, prosperity and logetivity. Guinness World Records named this hotel the World’s Biggest Image Building.

7. Sandcastle Hotel

Weird-san-castleA really unique and relax hotel offering a variety of comfortable accommodations made of SAND to suit every vacationer’s needs.

8. Kokopelli’s Cave Weird-kakapela

Kokopelli’s Cabe Bed & Breakfast is a privately owned luxury cliff, made of rock inside the caves with unparalleled view of beautiful sunsets in Farmington, New Mexico. It guests are from all parts of the world, famous for its unique magic and experience.

9. Godiva Chocolate Suite

Weird-chocolateYou definitely will need more than a sweet tooth to handle a day and a night at the Godiva Chocolate Suite, It’s perfect for a chocolate and sweet candy lover. It was built in 2009. Began on a Valentine’s Day made of walls, paintings ans chalendiers of chocolate. FULL OF IT!

10. Palacio de SalWeird-sal

This interesting hotel is built of salt blocks. Everywhere is made of salt, exactly how you see in the picture.

11. Kumbuk RiverWeird-Kumbux

The mammoth 40ft two story Elephant Villa you see on this picture is the reason why KumbukRiver is famous around the world. This incredible structure is a poignant reminder of the exotic nature. Every time a new visitor comes to Kumbuk River prides with joy. This is a world where you will not stop in time because of the amazing beauty all around this hotel.

12. Giraffe Manor

Weird-giraffeThis extraordinary hotel is fascinating because of its beautiful creatures often visiting morning and evening, pocking their long necks into the windows!

13.  IKEA SovhotellWeird-sovikea

This hotel is for people who have shopped all day till they get tired, Sovhotell is set in the middle of Stockholm shopping mall.

14. Time Capsule HotelWeird-Time-Capsule

This Time Capsule is designed for those travelers, who need an instant recharge. Recommended for a short stay full of relaxation and peace in a cube!

 15. Galatic Suite Space Resort, Outer Space Weird-Galactic-Suite-Space-Resort

Galactic Suite Space Resort, the first ever hotel designed for outer space. The temperature is between -1 and -4 degrees Celsius, but as the air is still inside, is feel a little warmer. You will sleep like a baby in this beds of the best quality inside big sleeping bags! The hotel has its own ice bar, bridal suite and chapel for those special occasions in life, such as weddings and christenings.

16. Bjorli Snow Hotel


A hotel with a unique winter fairy tale experience. It’s a beautiful work made of snow and ice with a decoration of light a color details! Every room inside this hotel is a different story with an artistic expression for guests.

17. Wanderlust Hotel Weird-wanderlist

Wanderlust hotel is based on all travelers around the world into a contemporary style and comfort. The decoration is made of vivid colors, cheeky mismatched furniture and lots more of interesting touches. There is an interesting GIANT typewriter that turns into a sofa like many other surprises in the top floor of wanderlust.

18. Sala Silvermine

Weird-Sala-SilvermineSala Silvermine is a hotel 155 meters below the ground. Offers different cultural decoration and with a room in the Sala Silvermine, it’s the coolest and craziest rooms in the world!

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