An Endless Ecuador

You can travel around Ecuador easily, well here we have beach in the coast, volcanoes in the mountains, jungles of the Amazon with the greatest biodiversity in the world, and the Galapagos Island, a magical place where you can swim with sea lions, turtles, sharks, etc.

This time I’ll tell you about how amazing the Mountains of Ecuador is, where is the route of the volcanoes in the Andes, which covers all of South America from Venezuela to Corona de Fuego between Chile and Argentina.

Cuenca, capital of Azuay province a place full of mountains, natural lakes in the mountains, animals that inhabit the area.

The Cajas National Park, where are more than 170 lagoons, which create an incredible landscape from the road, where 3km further on is the Laguna La Toreadora, if you travel by land observing the landscape, it is located 5 hours of Guayaquil on the coast, with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius which creates an very nice atmosphere .


I made this trip with the group of Tourism at my university, was an organized trip between students and the teacher, a person who really knows the country more than anyone I know. She traveled around the country in an effort to learn more about what it’s like tourism, she even lived in a community in the Amazon with the Shuar tribe, but she had to leave the community after six months on the Jivaro belief.

While we were on our way towards basin along the road right next to the Cordillera Chongon Colonche one of the mountain ranges located in the Coast Ecuador, you could see that gradually the landscape and vegetation was taking different forms and engaging the temperature which is increasingly going down slowly and suddenly you could see that we were enveloped by mountains and colossal landscapes who sincerely draw attention when you’re.

On a sunny day, if you stopped very intently on a clear day you could see what far the Chimborazo volcano, the volcano and the highest mountain of Ecuador, and the further from the center point on earth.

Once we got to Cuenca we went straight to find a hotel in which we could staying since we had booked did not receive our confirmation voucher, find a hotel near the Cathedral of Cuenca, a very quiet and nice budget priced place, had hot water, cable TV, the lobby looks very nice and elegant, included breakfast which was scrambled eggs, bread, milk, coffee, juice, fruits, jams, etc.

In the evening we strolled through the city, which has many excellent churches and colonial streets, very close to everything. A group of students was partying, another group just wanted to eat something and enjoy a quiet night and that’s Basin can do a little of everything.

The next day we all met for breakfast in the hotel restaurant to visit the Mirador El Turi where you can see the whole city as it is surrounded by mountains.

To travel to Cuenca I consider it is ideal to get moderately warm, the weather is really nice maybe just one good coat

The food … it’s just excellent amazing, they are going to enjoy good food as basin is quite normal eat well anywhere but it never hurts to make sure where to eat well before ordering food.

You can eat pork with potato, or corn tortillas bronze prepared with a coffee during the day, I tried to eat one tortilla but I ended up eating seven tortillas, it was very nice.

Comida de cuenca








I suggest that is a journey that can go with family or friends, the good thing is that in Ecuador everything is close to everything so traveling together is nice to appreciate together the beauties ranging from the Galapagos Islands, then scans the beaches on the coast, then why not? Take a bike ride around the volcanoes in the mountains and then into the jungle of the Amazon and see the most beautiful in the world as it is nature at its best.


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