The most typical dishes of Guayaquil

I have lived several years in Ecuador and discovered that Guayaquil is characterized by the warmth of its people and its delicious food. First I will start with the dishes they eat for breakfast.

Having breakfast in Guayaquil?
In Guayaquil, people tend to breakfast entrees. As the famous “Recalentado” is rice and beans from the previous day. (Here they call “Menestra” to beans)
Usually they accompany breakfast with black coffee, fruit juices or a coke.
Serve something light is off the daily menu of Guayaquil…

For the weekends, it is the typical Ecuadorian dish “Bolón de verde” with cheese or pork rind, juice or coffee; “Bollo de pescado” (alone or with rice) and coke. It is not just the bolón, it is also eaten with liver and eggs.



There is also the famous “Tigrillo” which is a combination of green banana with eggs, cheese and cracklings.

The most famous place for all these dishes is “Café de Tere” this is your site, you can now ask for delivery, it usually takes about 30 minutes to get

On Sundays, to remove a hangover from the previous day or a departure milia, eat “Encebollado” with green plantain banana chips. The onions is a soup made of fish albacore cassava, onions and other ingredients.


The best onions in Guayaquil is “Picantería Don Juan”
ADDRESS: 1026 Avenue of the Army and Clemente Ballen, or is also in Cordova 700 and Luis Urdaneta
SPECIALTY: albacore stew
PRICE $ 2.30
HOURS: Everyday, from 08:00 to 16:00

What usually eat in the evenings?
Rice with Menestra of beans or lentils and meat, chicken or chop.
This is a truly coastal, the most traditional and popular dish of Guayaquil, this dish is generally eaten at night.

The best is in the north of Guayaquil, is called “Los Asados”. Menestra or Moros are one of the most desired dishes. Here rice stew and grilled meat (chicken or cutlet) is $ 3.50.

Moros with cheese

This is a very traditional dish of the Ecuadorian coast, originates from cooked rice with lentils, obscuring its merger Kemp rice, hence its name.

Seco de Pollo
The Dry chicken is a dish of the province of Guayas. It consists of a plate with a piece of chicken, presented by way of soup and spicy, accompanied by the “maduros” made from bananas.


The guatita is a very popular dish in Guayaquil. It is a cow tripe stew (guatitas). Served with potatoes and peanut sauce. In Ecuador there is a popular belief that guatita often lessen the effects of a hangover. For this reason sometimes in some restaurants its for breakfast on weekends.

Best of Guayaquil is “La Guatita restaurant”
Address: Luque and Pedro Moncayo.

And for dinner?
It is also one of the most typical dishes in the kitchen of Guayaquil. Basically a sweet corn tamale mixed with meat or vegetables and cooked inside the leaf corn cob.


Besides these dishes, Guayaquil has beverages as “Chicha Resbaladera” which is made from rice chicha.

Address: March 6, 2316 and Gómez Rendón. It is a small place called “La Chicha Resbaladera of Rosita Armendaño”

Guayaquil gastronomy is quite varied. This is because within the city we can find the culinary influence of the people around the Ecuador.


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