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Places in Quito

One good thing about the places in Quito, Ecuador, is that you can visit them all in just a couple of hours without any inconvenience.

One such place is La Virgen del Panecillo, is a representative monument of the city of Quito, here you get a great view of the city of Quito and get memories in your surroundings.

Places in Quito

The Church of San Francisco, the legend said the Indian Cantuña made a deal with the Devil and this in turn sent much hell to finish building the church on time in exchange for his soul whether all the bricks were instead, but the Indian Cantuña very clever, he wrote in one of the blocks “Who lift this stone will recognize the existence of our God” so none of the little devils put the stone in place and Cantuña could keep his soul and keep the stone for the rest of his life.

Places in Quito

Cotopaxi National Park is located at 60 km from Quito, from which you should use the Panamerican Highway to the entrance to the site called The Caspi; the same route to reach the cities of Latacunga (30 km) and Ambato (70 km). The fauna is varied, among the mammals that inhabit the park is the South American camelids like flame, and there are herds of wild horses in the northern and eastern areas of the park. There are also white-tailed deer, spectacled bear, puma, wild rabbits, paramo wolf, cervicabra, skunk, opossum and fox, the mole mouse, and the Andean weasel. The most important birds are the hawk, hawk, duck, owl, screech owl, the caracara, condor, Andean toucan and hummingbirds.

Places in Quito

Middle of the World, here is the latitude 0 ° 0′-0 ” which makes this city and the same country unique. The resort is located in the parish of San Antonio de Pichincha, 14 kilometers from Quito which is currently one of the main tourist attractions, and the only place in the world where you can take a picture with one foot in each hemisphere, balancing a egg on a nail and always check here you will weight less than anywhere else in the world. Every weekend also offers a sample of artistic and cultural dances. Here are four special events are also held during the year, spring and fall equinoxes, and the summer and winter solstices, showing that the ancient traditions of Ecuador still remain. In the premises you will find a variety of souvenirs, while enjoying the Ecuadorian gastronomy.

Places in Quito

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Legends of Ecuador.

Cantuña’s Legend.

Iglesia Cantuna

Cantuña has a very famous legend in Quito, capital of Ecuador, he was a very famous Indian in colonial times because he was a direct descendant of the great warrior Rumiñahui.

This Indian, called Cantuña, had much power over other Indians in the region.

Taking advantage of this, he promised to build a beautiful and large atrium to the Church of San Francisco, but his commitment to the church was doing in six months, otherwise he will not charge anything.

The work was not easy. When the delivery time of the work was nearing completion, Cantuña was desperate, and offered to provide whatever who help him to end the atrium, which was just started.

This offering reached the ears of the devil, taking advantage of the situation and introduced himself and offered to end the court that night, as long as Cantuña give his soul as payment. Cantuña accepted, and thousands of little devils began working as darkness fell on the city.

Cantuña suddenly realized how fast they worked and that his soul would be bound to suffer punishment for all eternity, so he decided to challenge the devil. Cantuña went to a corner and took a stone, it wrote in Latin: “Who takes the stone and put in place, will recognize that there is only one God and He is above all creatures in the universe.”

When the court was about to be finished the devil wanted to put the last stone, but to read what it contained could not do it and that broke his covenant.

Cantuña kept the rock forever and no one was able to complete the work. If you ever visit the Plaza de San Francisco, look what the site where the famous stone missing.

La Dama Tapada.

La dama Tapada

La Dama Tapada appears as a popular belief about the year 1700 in the city of Guayaquil.

This legend tells the story of a lady who appeared around midnight but only appeared to be outdated drunks up to the old cemetery, Boca del Pozo, the lower church of Santo Domingo in the city of Guayaquil.

This young woman wearing only chasing philandering between these beautiful costumes an elegant black dress and a very nice time veil covering her face, which is not allowed to be recognized by their victims.

Legend has it that the lady exuded his environment a peculiar fragrance of lilies and violets, and this enticing way and making them into a trance or hypnotized leaving and forcing them to follow her, but this character is not allowed to get close one meter. Womanizers shocked by her beauty pursued without realizing what place they were going, reaching the General Cemetery , place where the lady was about to discover her face, saying these words: You know me as I am, now wants to follow me. In moments her beautiful face was breaking up to be a skull, from which flowed foul odors. Seeing this the victims died and some were impacted by the shock, others by the stench. Very few survived those who were ranked by the popular culture as rascals. She then appeared in this way was the way to go.

Quito, Half the World.

Going from the coast of Ecuador to the Sierra is very rewarding because here you can see the change of vegetation by climate change if you are traveling during the day, because if you go at night the only thing that you will see out of the window will be darkness. If you are flying you can see the fields that are in the mountains which create so nice for people like me who appreciate simplicity as this shocking landscapes.

I luckily I have a lot of family in Quito  that started his life in the capital. It is a very nice place with a cold but bearable climate to some extent, I’m normally in the Journal of Guayaquil heat and I struggle a bit to go more than a week to visit my family up there, but it’s always attempt worth having a good time here and you can have a great time.

I am not one of those people who are dying to go to a nightclub barely on Friday or Thursday, I enjoy to rest my mind, strolling and eating out is why I have not visited Place Foch which is where all the clubs are and bars. But I know a place I really like the cable car I’ve ever been at times.

The last time I went to the Cable Car was with Paul and Augustine, friends that travel with me to enjoy the concert of Paul McCartney when he came to Ecuador and played for three hours live, on the cable car you could see almost every Quito and once you’re up the mountain can take walks along paths and enjoy the view.

Paul McCartney Out There Tour 2013

Paul McCartney is not the only artist of this quality that has gone to Quito, Elton John, Aerosmith, The Cranberries, The Doors, Sting, among other quality bands that have come to the capital for their presentations.


A place that I really like is a village that is at one hour from Quito where you can rest, it has a huge garden with avocado trees waterfall, a pool of hot water under roof, playground, a place for barbecues outdoor near the house sold a dish called fry dish that is a meal of potato with corn kernels, pork and salads. We usually go as a family with our other family to spend the holidays that we have free.

Soon I will be visiting Quito to appreciate the show of Cirque du Soleil that will come to present the play “Courtship” which tells the story of a clown who imagines her funeral. I think the best reason why I’m going to Quito’s because this my family and although everything is different from Guayaquil me feel at home every time I go to see my aunts which are very young and like going to visit a friend or cousin with whom you can walk and talk, heat visit family that makes more bearable for my cold of Quito.

I travel for work, for music, sports or simply because I wanted to get out of Guayaquil and feel it is a very pleasant for many people to know place events, another attraction of Quito is that half the world and you can visit the place that divides the world into two and take pictures or watch experiments that make the place.

Mitad del Mundo

I recommend to anyone reading this short article will not regret visiting Quito, after that it is possible to travel to the beach, to the Amazon or Galapagos since everything is an hour away.

The most typical dishes of Guayaquil

I have lived several years in Ecuador and discovered that Guayaquil is characterized by the warmth of its people and its delicious food. First I will start with the dishes they eat for breakfast.

Having breakfast in Guayaquil?
In Guayaquil, people tend to breakfast entrees. As the famous “Recalentado” is rice and beans from the previous day. (Here they call “Menestra” to beans)
Usually they accompany breakfast with black coffee, fruit juices or a coke.
Serve something light is off the daily menu of Guayaquil…

For the weekends, it is the typical Ecuadorian dish “Bolón de verde” with cheese or pork rind, juice or coffee; “Bollo de pescado” (alone or with rice) and coke. It is not just the bolón, it is also eaten with liver and eggs.



There is also the famous “Tigrillo” which is a combination of green banana with eggs, cheese and cracklings.

The most famous place for all these dishes is “Café de Tere” this is your site, you can now ask for delivery, it usually takes about 30 minutes to get https://www.elcafedetere.com/

On Sundays, to remove a hangover from the previous day or a departure milia, eat “Encebollado” with green plantain banana chips. The onions is a soup made of fish albacore cassava, onions and other ingredients.


The best onions in Guayaquil is “Picantería Don Juan”
ADDRESS: 1026 Avenue of the Army and Clemente Ballen, or is also in Cordova 700 and Luis Urdaneta
SPECIALTY: albacore stew
PRICE $ 2.30
HOURS: Everyday, from 08:00 to 16:00

What usually eat in the evenings?
Rice with Menestra of beans or lentils and meat, chicken or chop.
This is a truly coastal, the most traditional and popular dish of Guayaquil, this dish is generally eaten at night.

The best is in the north of Guayaquil, is called “Los Asados”. Menestra or Moros are one of the most desired dishes. Here rice stew and grilled meat (chicken or cutlet) is $ 3.50.

Moros with cheese

This is a very traditional dish of the Ecuadorian coast, originates from cooked rice with lentils, obscuring its merger Kemp rice, hence its name.

Seco de Pollo
The Dry chicken is a dish of the province of Guayas. It consists of a plate with a piece of chicken, presented by way of soup and spicy, accompanied by the “maduros” made from bananas.


The guatita is a very popular dish in Guayaquil. It is a cow tripe stew (guatitas). Served with potatoes and peanut sauce. In Ecuador there is a popular belief that guatita often lessen the effects of a hangover. For this reason sometimes in some restaurants its for breakfast on weekends.

Best of Guayaquil is “La Guatita restaurant”
Address: Luque and Pedro Moncayo.

And for dinner?
It is also one of the most typical dishes in the kitchen of Guayaquil. Basically a sweet corn tamale mixed with meat or vegetables and cooked inside the leaf corn cob.


Besides these dishes, Guayaquil has beverages as “Chicha Resbaladera” which is made from rice chicha.

Address: March 6, 2316 and Gómez Rendón. It is a small place called “La Chicha Resbaladera of Rosita Armendaño”

Guayaquil gastronomy is quite varied. This is because within the city we can find the culinary influence of the people around the Ecuador.


Una visita rápida por la Mitad del Mundo!

Mi primer visita a la ciudad de Quito, Ecuador. Fue a mediados de Abril del 2015, debía actualizar mi pasaporte mexicano y la embajada de Mexico está ubicada en la Avenida 6 de Diciembre de Quito, en caso de que necesiten información ésta es la página web de la embajada http://embamex.sre.gob.mx/ecuador/.

Salí desde Guayaquil aproximadamente a las 5 de la mañana, estaba emocionada porque todos me habían contado que como Quito es una ciudad bastante alta, la altura probablemente me iba a causar fatiga, así que quería llegar y salir a trotar para comprobar lo que tantos me decían! En el avión tuve la suerte de que la aerolínea me pasara a primera clase, se portaron super amables, me regalaron un cafe, un jugo de naranja y un sandwich de queso, super bien para empezar el viaje. Durante el vuelo tuve la suerte de ver el amanecer desde arriba mas todo el hermoso paisaje de las montañas con nieve. En las siguientes fotos podrán ver de lo que hablo, las tomé desde la ventanilla del avión:

Vista desde el Avion a Quito                  1379949_10153824335551164_9179083805262165771_n                 11130301_10153824334741164_8981487146902924851_n

En mi llegada al aeropuerto de Quito, aproximadamente una hora de viaje, a las 8:00am tomamos el primer bus de salida a la ciudad con AeroServicios el cual cuesta $8 dólares por adulto y puedes llevar un artículo personal más una maleta en bodega. La primer foto a continuación es lo que primero se ve en la salida del Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de Quito, Tababela.

11149395_10153823755296164_8275905046456194831_n  11139012_10153823755151164_4633940948875091164_n  10995618_10153823758346164_718821717000465219_n

Durante la bajada desde el aeropuerto por las montañas era una vista preciosa, con una carretera llena de arboles y todo verde, por suerte fui cuando estaba acabando la temporada de lluvia por lo tanto los paisajes estaban super verdes. De camino nos agarro el típico tráfico de las 7-8 de la mañana… Pasa en todos lados, al parecer Quito es enorme, del aeropuerto a la ciudad hicimos aproximadamente 1 hora, tal vez influyó el tráfico.. Pero mejor, así pude disfrutar y conocer más el camino!! Quito está definitivamente lleno de montañas, árboles de eucalipto, pinos y cipreses, las calles están limpias y bonitas.. Me encantó el cielo durante la mañana; despejado súper azul con sol y clima como de 15 grados C•

10968304_10153824332776164_1346482505536013199_n  11121778_10153823789936164_3904805555383271260_n  1526107_10153824332941164_2251623610578094407_n

Los taxis en la ciudad de Quito son baratos en comparación a los precios de Guayaquil, un taxi me cobro $2,50 por aproximadamente 5-8 km. En el centro de la Ciudad es donde están los malls, el parque Julio Andrade, lleno de árboles donde se puede correr, hacer ejercicio y andar en bicicleta.


Algo que me pareció muy padre es que la ciudad de Quito cuenta con un servicio de bicicletas público y se pueden alquilar las bicis todos los días del año de 07:00 a 19:00. Las rutas para bicicletas están bien delimitadas y los trayectos se unen con las ciclorutas habilitadas en la zona comercial de la capital.

11150410_10153828768296164_2523278502253507761_nUna vez que llegué al Centro histórico de Quito, el taxi me dejó en la Basílica del Voto Nacional, es la iglesia que pueden ver al principio del post. De ahí camine por todas las calles, son bastante angostas, estilo europeo, bastantes subidas y bajadas, los edificios son restaurantes y tiendas de ropa, telas, herramientas, entre otras cosas. Las calles muy limpias y seguras durante el día.

Recomiendo no llevar una chamarra gigante con una bufanda, que fue lo que yo hice, de tanto caminar después me estaba derritiendo del calor!!! En Quito el clima es bastante peculiar, al menos en la fecha que fui a mediados de Abril. Por la mañana frío, después fresco, luego mucho sol, a las 3 de la tarde llovió de la nada, después paro de llover, etc.

Las fotos a continuación son del Centro Histórico de Quito, en donde está la Presidencia, se llama El Palacio de Carondelet. Hay bastantes militares en ése sector y vendedores ambulantes.

10421388_10153828768776164_3638352315386474556_n   1507782_10153828765771164_5047179358267835790_n   11141149_10153828765461164_4946461189729977484_n

Sobre la comida en Quito me han dicho que es la fritada y hornado (carne de cerdo). Por ése lado no alcancé a probar todo por lo que mi visita fue muy rápida, pero si un famoso “encebollado” en el mercado Iñaquito, el cual es muy conocido por su delicioso encebollado, es una sopa preparada con cebolla, albacora o atún y yuca, con unos chifles.

11116422_10153828764856164_4155098779408513266_nEsta aventura continuará… Gracias!!!